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The Blackhands - "Behind The Scenes" DVD

Image of The Blackhands - "Behind The Scenes" DVD


The Blackhands - "Behind The Scenes" DVD

This DVD is 100% DIY OR DIE! We have filmed and edited all footage ourselves, plus (like everything else we do) each DVD is hand packaged for your unique pleasure!

Chapters Include:

1. The Wasted Youth
- Official Music Video
- Making of "The Wasted Youth"
- On Set with The Blackhands

2. Occupy LA
- 20 minute Feature

3. Kickstarter
- Official Kickstarter Video
- "The Background Files"
- Kickstarter Outttakes
- Epic "Thank You" Trailer to the Backers

4. "The Term" - Studio Files
- Includes all FIVE episodes from the making of our new EP "The Term"

Coming Soon